Traffic Changes

Event Notice and changed traffic conditions

City of Newcastle Running Festival - Sun 3 April - 5.30am- 1.00pm

The City of Newcastle Running Festival including Newcastle Herald Hill to Harbour Challenge (Fun Run) will be held on the above date and time. The event includes full marathon (42.2km being 4 x 10.5km loops) , ½ marathon, 10km, 5km and 2km courses. The event promotes the City of Newcastle and encourages health and fitness and will attract over 2000 runners. Due to the size of the event, it is staged along roadways and paths, with 2 start and one finish venue at Bar Beach and Queens Wharf. To protect the safety of runners the following traffic management and pedestrian initiatives will be in place. During these times you can expect road closures on or limited access to:

  1. Memorial Drive – closed from Bar Beach Ave to Kilgour Ave 5.30 – 9.15am
  2. Memorial Drive – closed from High St to Bar Beach Ave from 6.30am – 9.15am (resident access on request - north bound only) No access during the start of Hill to Harbour 8.20am – 9.00am
  3. Cliff St and the top of The Terrace – Open always with runners on paths only
  4. York Rd King Edward Park - closed 5.45am - 9.30am
  5. Watt St – runners on paths from King Edward Park entrance to Fletcher Park – 7.00am – 9.30am
  6. Fletcher Park – runner on paths – 7.00am – 9.30am
  7. Shortland Esplanade – Zaara St to Watt St – OPEN AT ALL TIMES – runners on paths (short delays past cliff construction site) 7.20am - 9.30am
  8. Shortland Esplanade - Zaara St to Nobbys roundabout closed - 5.30am – 11.30am (no parking – no access out)
  9. Wharf Rd from Watt St to Nobby’s Rd from 5.30am –11.30am
  10. Wharf Rd from Watt St to Argyle St closed from 4.30am – 11.45am (access to apartments from Argyle end via slip lane, city side) No access east of apartments.
  11. Honeysuckle promenade – runners on the harbour side of the walk-ways both directions - 6.00am-11.30am
  12. Honeysuckle Drive harbour north side paths and cycleways from Worth Place to the eastern end of the Wickham Marina - runners - 6.10am – 11.30am (no cycle access, residents please give way to runners)
  13. Please do not park on any part of the course, as any vehicles parked on the course WILL NOT be able to leave until the course is reopened.

Your residence or business is located in the above area. We would appreciate your cooperation by avoiding vehicle and pedestrian movements and otherwise watching out and giving way to runners during this period. If you have any questions, please go to the webpage or contact our office on 49348138 or 0409684246. Thank you for your assistance, Paul Humphreys, Event Director and Hunter local.


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