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Note small change to route since 28 March 2019. Looking for a marathon PB, then this is it. This flat scenic course will traverse the Newcastle Harbour and Carrington basin. Starting on Wharf Rd, Queen Wharf the course will run east along wharf Rd and past Nobbys, towards Newcastle Baths. The course does not go onto the Breakwall. Marathon runners will stay on the city side of Shortland Esplanade. At the gate of Newcastle Baths runners will turn and head back to Queens Wharf and run toward Argyle St. At Argyle St they will enter the Honeysuckle Broad Walk and follow this along the Harbour's edge until Worth Place. For 2019, due to construction work, the course will divert At worth Place to run west along the Honeysuckle Drive road/footpath on the harbour side and then back onto the Foreshore at a marshal point just east of Steel St. You are protected by water filled barriers and construction fencing. please be care in the section. Therefore you will no longer need to cross Honeysuckle Rd. Runners will then follow the footpath past the Marina and behind the Fish Co-op (due to fish deliveries...of course) to join the footpath along Throsby Creek, over the bridge and around to the rowing club. Runners then return to Queens Wharf. This is one lap. You must complete 3 laps. Relay team members will tag their team member and continue at a change-over area. Relay runners will all have separate timing chip and must physically tag the runner to proceed. We have a marshal on site checking this. The course is 50% on closed roads and 50% on wide footpaths, where runners will have right of way and be protected within marked chutes. There is some skinny sections and we ask you to respect other runners space. Marshals will monitor high traffic areas. Do not be surprised by the elevation map. This course is flat the whole way. There will be timing check points at strategic sites and the start/lap area.

Newcastle marathon (3 X 14.065km)

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